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Top 10 Reasons to Attend the Engaging Associations Forum

Thinking about joining us for the Engaging Associations Forum?  Here are the Top 10 reasons why you should participate:

  1. Be a Part of Something DIFFERENT:  While this is our second annual event, it is not something we created on our own; focus groups were conducted leading up to the inaugural event, and feedback was gathered on what should be discussed in 2015.  Our goal is to facilitate a change in the way associations operate.
  2. Conversations:  While we have set sessions, our promise to you is that you will not sit in a meeting room all day listening to the speaker.  Participants will be asked to share, question, and challenge what is being said to ensure that all knowledge and experience is shared throughout the forum.
  3. Less Time Away:  Taking place all day July 23rd, and just over a half day on the 24th, we are creating an experience that ensures you are taking as little time away from the office as possible; AND that you can get away for a bit of a long weekend at the end!
  4. Engagement:  There are always questions that don’t get asked; whether that is a lack of time, or a lack of comfort publically sharing.  That’s OK here – we have extended the breaks and meal times to ensure that you have the time to speak with the facilitators, our partners, and your peers.  As one focus group participant said, “Business is not conducted in the meeting room, it’s done in the hallway, and 15 minutes is simply not enough time”.
  5. Location, Location, Location:  With the Forum taking place in Ottawa, ON; it is easy for association executives to get here, and it is central to many of the Canadian-based associations; which means lower costs for participating!
  6. Change:  We all want to do things differently.  But how do we get started?  This year, not only will we have a fabulous line up of industry experts, Association Executives are taking the ranks of speakers to share their direct experience with all of us! 
  7. Unique Approach:  We are committed to presenting this in a way you have not experienced before.  We selected the Ottawa Marriott to host this event.  Our goal is to change the expectations that we all have of a conference taking place in any hotel meeting room.  We are going to create an environment that is modern, fun, relaxing, and that fosters the conversations we need to have. 
  8. Action:  With each session delivered, you will receive key takeaways from the facilitators, and we will be providing a forum to share your “A-ha!” moments; little snippets of information that you would like to use in your daily work life.  We will be reporting back to all participants with session summaries, case studies, etc.
  9. Network with Partners who GET IT:  Those who have chosen to partner with us truly understand that change is required to ensure associations thrive in the future.  We will have a select group of partners joining us – our commitment is to present to you quality companies to have conversations with, and not overwhelm you with too many of them.  Businesses who have not officially partnered with us will not be in attendance.
  10. Cost:  We have chosen to keep this Forum affordable for all – and at a rate of $359 plus tax, you cannot beat the education that you will receive!
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