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We did not mean to stop engaging......

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For those who are loyal followers, or occasional readers of The Membership Engagement Blog, I AM SORRY.

I have not posted a blog in three months.  It almost seems like after the Engaging Associations Forum, we simply disappeared.  We didn't.  We were just working on our move.

A lot has changed with Greenfield Services since the end of July 2015.  We went completely virtual, because we realized that we did not need 3,000 square feet of office space.

After the Engaging Associations Forum, we remembered that having fun and making a difference is really what we want to be doing.  But after looking at our website, we realized that our website did not appropriately reflect who we are.  We changed that.

Oh, and we took some vacation too!

As a result, I am pleased to announce that WE ARE BACK, but not here - the blog has moved and will be hosted on our newly re-designed website, and this post will be the last one hosted here.

Moving forward, we hope that you will update your feeds to include the new blog location (, where we will continue to stir the pot, offer tips and best practices, and other pieces as it relates to:

  • Association Management
  • Membership Marketing
  • Membership Engagement
  • Event Marketing 
  • Engaging Meeting Design
  • Sponsorship and Exhibit Sales
...and I hope it will continue to engage, spark new ideas, and ultimately, create change.

So, thank you, and we look forward to continuing the conversation!

Meagan Rockett
Association Ambassador