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Jill Birch to Open the Engaging Associations Forum on Sustainable Leadership

We are thrilled to announce that Jill Birch, CEO of the Canadian Art Foundation will be joining us to kick-off the Engaging Associations Forum this July 23-24, 2015!

Jill Birch is the CEO of the Canadian Art Foundation and the Publisher of Canadian Art magazine. She is the former vice president of fundraising and alumni at OCAD University; former President of the OCAD University Foundation; and the former principal and national capability lead at Knightsbridge, where she ensured that organizational talent development goals and leadership capabilities were realized. She was also the vice president of business development at Sheridan College, and is the former associate director of In-Company Development, International Training and Partnerships with the Schulich School of Business at York University.

Birch has worked with organizations in the digital, high-tech, health, advertising, financial services, energy, public, manufacturing and telecommunications sectors and has spoken to groups across Canada and around the world. She is currently a PhD candidate with Griffith University in Australia, where she is researching relational leadership processes. She is also a Certified Association Executive.

A Leadership and Organizational Change Expert, Birch will be kicking off the Forum discussing New Thinking on the Old Challenge of Sustainable Leadership:

Is a leader a position, or is a leader a person? Jill Birch answers this question - and many more - on building leadership capacity to drive the competitive advantage. 

Join us at the Engaging Associations Forum to listen, learn and engage Jill on her vast expertise in the association and not-for-profit sector.  

Speakers' Spotlight is an integral part of the reason we are able to welcome Jill Birch to the Forum this summer.  While they represent a wide variety of motivational speakers who present energetic talks that will inspire you and your staff to take action, be it in your personal lives, your workplace, or both, we felt we needed someone who had history in this industry, and worked closely with them to find the right fit for the event.

And, it was much easier than we thought.  They worked closely with us to ensure that our needs and goals were met, in order to deliver the best value to participants.  Speakers' Spotlight is committed to serving the diverse needs of the corporations, organizations, companies, non-profit and government groups that contact us when seeking conference speakers, and we work hard to find the conference speakers that will best meet and exceed your needs.  For your next conference, we highly recommend that you take a look at how they can help you!

Porter Airlines Partners with #Engageassn as an Innovator

On July 23-24, 2015, Greenfield Services will host the second annual Engaging Associations Forum at the Ottawa Marriott, geared towards association executives who want to create change in the industry.  The event will provide the opportunity for a true exchange of ideas for a new generation of association to succeed, grow and prosper.

Joining us as an Innovator partner is Porter Airlines,  who recently celebrated their 8th anniversary in operation.

When we received confirmation that Porter Airlines was joining forces with us this year for the Engaging Associations Forum, it marked a very exciting time for us.  It shows that the Forum has really become a driving force for education and innovation for association executives.  Porter not only has agreed to partner with us, but they are offering a special discount to participants located outside of Ottawa to travel to and from the Forum under a specially discounted rate.  AND, they have provided an incentive to those who register before June 15th, 2015.” says Meagan Rockett, Greenfield’s Director of Client Solutions.

Porter Airlines is proud to offer a 15% discount on available base fares (with the exception of the lowest class fare during a public seat sale) for travel to and from 2015 Engaging Associations Forum. The discounted fares are available for booking from March 3, 2015 to July 27, 2015.  Please visit the Engaging Associations Forum website for further details.

In addition, Porter Airlines will provide (2) tickets anywhere Porter flies as an incentive for delegates to register for the Forum by June 15, 2015. The draw for the tickets will take place during the Forum.

For more information about the Engaging Associations Forum, please contact:

Meagan Rockett
Director, Client Solutions
Greenfield Services Inc.

The International Centre Partners with #Engageassn as Thought-Leader

On July 23-24, 2015, Greenfield Services will host the second annual Engaging Associations Forum at the Ottawa Marriott, geared towards association executives who want to create change in the industry.  The event will provide the opportunity for a true exchange of ideas for a new generation of association to succeed, grow and prosper.

Joining us as a Thought-Leader partner is The International Centre, one of the only privately owned trade and consumer show and conference facilities in Canada.

We were thrilled to hear that The International Centre wanted to come on board by partnering with us this year.  Their commitment and contribution to change in the association and not-for-profit industry truly allows us to bring our event to the next level.  The Engaging Associations Forum has garnered some great feedback, and we look forward to pushing the envelope again this year.  And we could not do it without thought-leaders like The International Centre.” says Meagan Rockett, Greenfield’s Director of Client Solutions.

For more information about the Engaging Associations Forum, please contact:

Meagan Rockett
Director, Client Solutions
Greenfield Services Inc.

Top 10 Reasons to Attend the Engaging Associations Forum

Thinking about joining us for the Engaging Associations Forum?  Here are the Top 10 reasons why you should participate:

  1. Be a Part of Something DIFFERENT:  While this is our second annual event, it is not something we created on our own; focus groups were conducted leading up to the inaugural event, and feedback was gathered on what should be discussed in 2015.  Our goal is to facilitate a change in the way associations operate.
  2. Conversations:  While we have set sessions, our promise to you is that you will not sit in a meeting room all day listening to the speaker.  Participants will be asked to share, question, and challenge what is being said to ensure that all knowledge and experience is shared throughout the forum.
  3. Less Time Away:  Taking place all day July 23rd, and just over a half day on the 24th, we are creating an experience that ensures you are taking as little time away from the office as possible; AND that you can get away for a bit of a long weekend at the end!
  4. Engagement:  There are always questions that don’t get asked; whether that is a lack of time, or a lack of comfort publically sharing.  That’s OK here – we have extended the breaks and meal times to ensure that you have the time to speak with the facilitators, our partners, and your peers.  As one focus group participant said, “Business is not conducted in the meeting room, it’s done in the hallway, and 15 minutes is simply not enough time”.
  5. Location, Location, Location:  With the Forum taking place in Ottawa, ON; it is easy for association executives to get here, and it is central to many of the Canadian-based associations; which means lower costs for participating!
  6. Change:  We all want to do things differently.  But how do we get started?  This year, not only will we have a fabulous line up of industry experts, Association Executives are taking the ranks of speakers to share their direct experience with all of us! 
  7. Unique Approach:  We are committed to presenting this in a way you have not experienced before.  We selected the Ottawa Marriott to host this event.  Our goal is to change the expectations that we all have of a conference taking place in any hotel meeting room.  We are going to create an environment that is modern, fun, relaxing, and that fosters the conversations we need to have. 
  8. Action:  With each session delivered, you will receive key takeaways from the facilitators, and we will be providing a forum to share your “A-ha!” moments; little snippets of information that you would like to use in your daily work life.  We will be reporting back to all participants with session summaries, case studies, etc.
  9. Network with Partners who GET IT:  Those who have chosen to partner with us truly understand that change is required to ensure associations thrive in the future.  We will have a select group of partners joining us – our commitment is to present to you quality companies to have conversations with, and not overwhelm you with too many of them.  Businesses who have not officially partnered with us will not be in attendance.
  10. Cost:  We have chosen to keep this Forum affordable for all – and at a rate of $359 plus tax, you cannot beat the education that you will receive!
Interested in attending?  Register today!

Strategy & Change - Fast & Slow

Meredith Low, Principal
Meredith Low Consulting
Pressures for change abound in the association landscape – technology, social innovation, business models, and relationships with members are all in flux. We’d like to talk about approaches to change – slow, and fast.

When is it time for a patient, slow approach to change within your association – and when do you have to move at breakneck speed? Can you sequence changes, or do you have to move on multiple fronts at once?

How will you know? What are the risks?

And what situation are you personally best matched with, as a leader?

Join us at the Engaging Associations Forum July 23-24, 2015 at the Ottawa Marriott, where Meredith Low will facilitate a conversation about:
Alison Dantas, CEO
Canadian Chiropractic Association

Making the case for change – is the platform really burning? Ablaze, or slowly smoldering?
How do you know if big fast change is the right way to go – or not?
How to bring people on board – or work around them
Grasping and dealing with the risks of change
Making course corrections – and skirting disaster
The need for courage, given the possibility of failure
How to put your own preconditions for success in place

The panelists, Alison Dantas, CEO of the Canadian Chiropractic Association, and Mary Ann Rangam, Executive Director of the Ontario Professional Planners Institute, will share their very different experiences of leading associations through profound organizational transformations – taking place over many years, or perhaps just a few months.

Come to be galvanized, inspired, and energized. It’s about vision, tenacity, and courage – whatever your timeframe, and whatever your own style.
Mary Ann Rangam, Executive Director
Ontario Professional Planners Institute

About the Engaging Associations Forum:

Heeding Gandhi’s famous quote, “be the change you want to see in the world,” the Greenfield Services team put its time, effort and money where its heart is. The 2014 Engaging Associations event was created to elevate the conversation, and promote change in the Canadian Association and Not-for-Profit sector. A total of 74 participants came together for this inaugural event; they welcomed the new, engaging format, sharing best practices, challenges and successes.

The 2015 Engaging Associations Forum will continue down this path, offering more opportunity to exchange top-level ideas with your peers, and to learn how engagement is critical for your association on every single level.

This year’s instalment will focus on the association of the future. This is a highly interactive event, where participation and commentary is expected not only from presenters and facilitators, but the participants as well. Ready for a different kind of conversation? Join us in Ottawa, July 23-24.