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Strategy & Change - Fast & Slow

Meredith Low, Principal
Meredith Low Consulting
Pressures for change abound in the association landscape – technology, social innovation, business models, and relationships with members are all in flux. We’d like to talk about approaches to change – slow, and fast.

When is it time for a patient, slow approach to change within your association – and when do you have to move at breakneck speed? Can you sequence changes, or do you have to move on multiple fronts at once?

How will you know? What are the risks?

And what situation are you personally best matched with, as a leader?

Join us at the Engaging Associations Forum July 23-24, 2015 at the Ottawa Marriott, where Meredith Low will facilitate a conversation about:
Alison Dantas, CEO
Canadian Chiropractic Association

Making the case for change – is the platform really burning? Ablaze, or slowly smoldering?
How do you know if big fast change is the right way to go – or not?
How to bring people on board – or work around them
Grasping and dealing with the risks of change
Making course corrections – and skirting disaster
The need for courage, given the possibility of failure
How to put your own preconditions for success in place

The panelists, Alison Dantas, CEO of the Canadian Chiropractic Association, and Mary Ann Rangam, Executive Director of the Ontario Professional Planners Institute, will share their very different experiences of leading associations through profound organizational transformations – taking place over many years, or perhaps just a few months.

Come to be galvanized, inspired, and energized. It’s about vision, tenacity, and courage – whatever your timeframe, and whatever your own style.
Mary Ann Rangam, Executive Director
Ontario Professional Planners Institute

About the Engaging Associations Forum:

Heeding Gandhi’s famous quote, “be the change you want to see in the world,” the Greenfield Services team put its time, effort and money where its heart is. The 2014 Engaging Associations event was created to elevate the conversation, and promote change in the Canadian Association and Not-for-Profit sector. A total of 74 participants came together for this inaugural event; they welcomed the new, engaging format, sharing best practices, challenges and successes.

The 2015 Engaging Associations Forum will continue down this path, offering more opportunity to exchange top-level ideas with your peers, and to learn how engagement is critical for your association on every single level.

This year’s instalment will focus on the association of the future. This is a highly interactive event, where participation and commentary is expected not only from presenters and facilitators, but the participants as well. Ready for a different kind of conversation? Join us in Ottawa, July 23-24.