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Décor Design Helps Create an Engaging Associations Summit

In the last few years, event organizers have begun to realize that the surroundings where people meet can shape the results they eventually produce.

The principle applies to our everyday work surroundings—we know that most people hate cubicle farms and crave natural light, and there’s evidence that comfortable, energy-efficient buildings pay back their extra cost in higher productivity and fewer sick days.

“Comfort plays a key role in productivity,” notes the Institute for Building Efficiency. “The built environment affects comfort through temperature, indoor air quality, lighting, acoustics, physical space, and humidity. A new green building, or an energy efficiency retrofit of an existing building, often improves many occupant comfort factors.”

So why would we expect a different dynamic at a face-to-face meeting, where time is limited and the stakes
are often high? More and more organizers are realizing that décor and furniture, scents and sounds can help create a conducive atmosphere for transformative results.

Meetings face an additional challenge, though: with constant, ferocious attention to every expense, décor designers have to deliver solutions that are elegant, inspiring, and affordable.

It’s a tough balance. That’s why the Engaging Associations Summit reached out to LouLou Lounge Furniture Rental to create a meeting space that demonstrates the value of smart, deliberate décor design…without breaking the bank.

We knew this was an important element of our event,” said Meagan Rockett, Greenfield’s Director of Client Services. 

That’s why we were delighted when Carole Saad and LouLou Lounge agreed to join us as a strategic partner. This will be the Canadian Museum of Nature as you’ve never seen it, and we know Carole’s creativity will be one of the key success factors for our event.

Click here for more information, and register for the 2014 Engaging Associations Summit while space is available!

Photos Courtesy of Carole Saad, LouLou Lounge.