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Should You Hire an In-House Employee or Outsource?

It's a question that plagues many professional and trade associations today.  Budgets are tightening, and more things need to get done then ever before.

Then comes the question:  Should you hire more people to work in your office, or could you put together some tasks that can be taken care of by someone you can partner with to help you?

Not every job needs to be handled in your office.  In many cases, outsourcing can help you achieve your goals faster, and more effectively.

But before you decide to look outside your office for help, you need to ask yourself:

What would they do?  

In our experience, we have helped multiple organizations with one-off programs (like promoting attendance at an event); but we are seeing more and more that organizations are looking to outsource an entire department - like membership, or marketing.  Have a look at what must be handled onsite, and what could be done elsewhere.

How much can you spend?

In many cases, outsourcing can help your budget.  Partnering with a firm who's sole focus is to work on membership, or your communications, as examples, are not tied up with the day-to-day interruptions, and can focus on their job - to showcase your organization in the best light; and ultimately earn you additional revenues.

Who will manage the process?

With the right firm, they will manage it themselves.  They will report to you as little or as often as you like, so that you can focus your time on the big picture.

Are there risks?

Yes, of course!  But there are risks to both sides of the equation - and you have to measure which is the least risky for your organization.  At times, yes hiring a full-time employee is the least risky way to go.

But times are changing - with more the workforce being virtual, isn't it time you had a look for alternative options?

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