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Canadian Pharmacists Association Executives Visit Greenfield Services Inc.

The CPHA Team Meets The Greenfield Team
On Thursday, August 16th, the Greenfield Team welcomed Susan Clarke & Patrick Tessier of the Canadian Pharmacists Association

This meeting was to further solidify the member retention and renewal program that Greenfield will be executing for CPhA. 

Greenfield Member Care Specialists have been tasked with contacting CPhA members whose membership is up for renewal.  The proactive outreach ensures that members are aware of new products and services, and facilitates the membership payment process.  They work towards reaching members at a time where they can have a conversation, and the renewal process is taken care of in one conversation, versus the member having to do research on their own time.

We look forward to the continued success of the partnership, and welcoming the CPhA team back to visit again soon!