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Blogging for Association Managers: Be Patient, It Works!

Thank you Flower PotI was just "tickled-pink" today when I received an email from Laura Andre of the Alberta Ready-Mixed Concrete Association saying:

Good morning, Doreen,

I am writing to ask your permission to publish an article found on the internet and dated April 19, 2010, "Why Belong to an Association?" I would like very much to include this in our next edition of the ARMCA newsletter.  The information is valuable to us and very well written.

Your prompt response would be very much appreciated.

What a wonderful request this was!  After blogging for a year, this was my very first request to be re-published, and I quickly responded a resounding "YES!"

My staff and I enjoy writing about association business development strategies and other topics of interest to professional and trade association executives.  But when anyone ventures into new territory like we did with blogging a year ago, it's difficult to gauge whether we're hitting the right note with our audience.  It was very nice to have our material validated by a professional association executive in such a personable way!

In case you want to check out ARMCA's spring 2011 newsletter, here it is:
Thank you, Ms. Andre!